Tuesday, May 27, 2014

the start of a (somewhat) new beginning

Hi, my name is Shelby. Or for you guys it's Lille Vandreren. My name translates to "little wanderer" in Norwegian. I'm 18 years young and I have an omnipresent desire for wanderlust. I've wanted to start a blog to share my pictures and experiences but haven't had the time. However, I just graduated from high school so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to start.

I suppose I'll truly introduce myself...

I once was lost but now I'm found! I cherish the good bones beneath torn, faded or otherwise timeworn fabric. I believe in second   chances. I want to push boundaries because my God is not safe or small. He has a wild imagination (I guess that's where I get mine from). Anytime I'm given the opportunity to travel I take up the offer without hesitation, even if it's only a few cities over. I love exploring and strive to never do the same thing twice. I want to be inspired and inspire.

It is the first day of my summer and the first day of my official blog. Here goes...

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